What People are Saying:

  • We have been very pleased with our daughter’s progress this year. In September she was only able to sound out letters and now she can read with confidence. Your program has allowed her to grow and mature in a very positive learning environment.

  • We are truly blessed to have experienced your calm, gentle nature, giving way to a teaching method that we find second to none. Our daughter has flourished under your instruction. She is writing her name, loves numbers, very artistic and more open. We find her overall more excited to learn.

  • It has been a wonderful year watching our daughter become a student. We are impressed with what a self-confident girl she has become. It is a thrill watching her teach her little sister everything she learned in school…thank you for providing an environment that allows her to be what she wants to be.

  • I think each of us can remember a special teacher. One who engaged as much as taught. One who shaped and molded us. If we are lucky we have several of these very important educators over the course of our schooling. I know that, for my son, one of them will be Mrs. Ladhani. She and her staff have cultivated a rare environment not just in the superior curriculum they provide but also the fostering of something far more profound; a true love of learning. It isn’t tangible in that it cannot be measured by a test but I see the effects of it in my son every day in his confidence and constant questioning of the world around him. I will forever be grateful to this wonderful school and the positive impact it’s had on my son.