Bistro des enfants

This November, our full day students enthusiastically and laboriously prepared for a special French dessert afternoon which we titled: Bistro d’enfants. Our students were involved in all areas of the planning of the event from it’s inception to completion.

Once an event date was in place, children hand wrote (in French of course) invitations to family inviting them to the Bistro d’enfants. During the planning process, children carefully selected appropriate French desserts to offer guests, designed menus and constructed chef hats. The day of the event, children were delighted to take part in the cooking of crepes in front of guests as well as receive and deliver guest’s orders. The best part of all however, was the long-awaited time when they were finally able to chow down on their confections!

A special thank you to all those who assisted and participated in our special day. We hope to make this an annual event!