Testimonial 6

It’s every parent’s hope that they find teachers who unleash their child’s full potential.  We were lucky enough to find this and much more.  Our child flourished in smaller classroom sizes, under the care of teachers who were both compassionate and patient.  We had anticipated keeping her at Montessori for only the year that our second child was born.  However, the comfort we felt with the caregivers and the progress we saw both in education and on a personal level, could not be matched.  She ended up staying for several more years, and thrived under the Montessori principles of respect for the child and self-directed learning.  These principles have continued to guide her as she has transitioned into grade school.  I am beyond grateful that we found such excellent education for our child during her early formative years. 

There was no question of sending our second child to West Mountain Montessori, given the exceptional experience we had there with our oldest.  It’s difficult to fully describe what a relief it is to leave your children with people who care for their well-being as much as you do.  We very much appreciated that the teachers were always challenging our child in creative ways, and that they fostered his natural curiosity for learning through the Montessori methodologies.  The day we had to say goodbye to the school was an emotional one.  However, seeing how he has excelled in grade one, has proven that the Montessori learnings have not been left behind.  He has been equipped with an education that will enhance his schooling for years to come.   

  • – Nisha, 2011 – 2017